Part 6: Fourth of July at Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

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Trip Mileage   (in Devil's Tower, WY)

DateLocationLog EntryPhotosNotes
July 3 Sundance, Wyoming Staying at a local campground near Devil's Tower National Monument
Along the road south we saw purple pea flowers and yellow sweet clover.
Behind there was a small strip of prairie grass, and then hay fields.
The road south to get to the Spearfish, South Dakota area was straight and long. It took us through prairie and grazing land. Many acres were used to raise hay assumedly to get the cattle through the harsh winters. Several small towns (really small towns) were the only relief from the same scenery: Prairie, range land, straight road. From Spearfish we went west on Interstate 90, and came through a brief rain shower.
July 4 Devil's Tower National Monument, Devil's Tower, Wyoming
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Camping and hiking around the tower and fireworks.
Purple Coneflowers along the way to Devil's Tower.

Devil's Tower at sunset.
We had a wonderful one day stay at Devil's Tower National Monument. Letty had a chance to 'walk' around the base of the tower, a somewhat bumpy up and down paved trail through woods and rocks. We enjoyed taking photos of prairie flowers, checking out the trading post, cooking over an open grill, and sitting out in the evening to watch a wonderful fireworks display that lasted well over an hour. It was a fourth of July to remember!

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