Part 5: North Dakota.

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Trip Mileage   (in Medora, ND)

DateLocationLog EntryPhotosNotes
June 30 Bismarck, North Dakota We are staying at the KOA campground.
Bismarck through the trees with the moon rising.
(View from the campground in the evening.)
We pushed on a little further than we had originally planned so that we could connect to the Internet and update the travelog.
July 2 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota
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Two days of visiting the natural wonder of the National Park and the shops of Medora.
Wild horses outside our motorhome in the early morning.

One of the many vistas along the wilderness loop road.

Another prairie dog checks us out.

Reuben "red bear" Shellburn came all the way from Vermont to visit "Teddy" Roosevelt National Park.
(Bears are always known to hang around the trash cans in national parks!)
A bison casually strolls up the trail, browsing on yellow sweet clover.
Common sunflowers along the road edge.

The wilderness loop road winds around and up and down.

The bindweed flowers are only about one and one half inches in diameter.

A prairie dog among the bindweed flowers.
The national park is just outside of the restored historic town of Medora. We spent one afternoon in the town exploring the shops, and then drove around the wilderness loop in the park. The second day, we woke up to the sound of wild horses all around our motorhome. I kidded Letty about the noises being the wild horses, and then looked out the window and was shocked to see that I was absolutely right! I managed to get one photo of them by holding the camera out the window. We spent the second day going around the 36 mile loop again, this time stopping frequently to take photos. We saw prairie dogs, bison and wildflowers.

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