Part 3: Indiana rally.

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Trip Mileage   (in Sullivan, IN)

DateLocationLog EntryPhotosNotes
June 15 Sullivan, Indana
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Visiting with friends at the HTC Rally We had really enjoyed the company of the other members.
June 16 Sullivan, Indiana At the HTC Rally
Men's manual wheelchair race.
Dan is winning, but not by much.

Woman's power wheelchair race.
Lynda is ahead and was the winner.

The 'chinese' auction.
We had many activities and had a hard time finding time to rest.
June 17 Sullivan, Indiana At the HTC Rally
A pot luck dinner before the business meeting.
Our group seemed to be squeezed for time. We started the business meeting while people were finshing their dinner, and all during the meeting, campers were waiting for us to finish so that the karaoke could start. We only ran a few minutes over schedule.

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