Part 1: Getting ready to go.

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Trip Mileage   (in Estell Manor, NJ)

DateLocationLog EntryPhotosNotes
June 8 Estell Manor, NJ
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Major loading of the "roadrunner"
Our Land-Yacht called "the roadrunner".

Almost everything has to go up those steps and through that door.

Stuff everywhere- still sorting and stowing.

I've been pushing to have everything we need already in the motorhome and ready to go at all times, but it never seems to work that way. Usually things are still there from the last trip that need sorting or removing. Then there is cleaning, repairs, getting the automotive part of the vehicle in proper condition and more and more and more and....
June 9 Estell Manor, NJ Not much loading, but plenty of shopping and errands. Got some computer stuff ready. Rewired the small (140 watt) inverter that we use to power the laptop for GPS navigation. - -
June 10 Estell Manor, NJ Printed photos to take as gifts. Loaded gifts for people we will visit on the trip and loaded refrigerator food. Straightened up inside the roadrunner. It looks better now!
Looking a little better today!
We watched 'Toy Story 2' on TV while Tom got a much needed break.

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